Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I've become extremely competent at coming up with ways of doing loud work during nap hours. I basically have all my grinders outside, and the electrical lines and hoses go through a small mouse hole I carved by the door. I try to remember to flip the air compressor on while he's awake so I can get one full tank to use without running it. Doesn't last long, but it's something. I have taken the compressor outside a few times, but that's a hassle. This is now how I work on my Triumph and has been for a while. Having a garage UNDER the house, specifically, under the nursery is something I wouldn't recommend. Max may have put a damper on the projects right now, but when he comes downstairs with me, he points at all the bikes and wants to sit on them all.

I'm putting it out there. I will have the Triumph running within 2 weeks. On the road within 4. I have spent naps upon naps making custom hardware, grinding off the bolt markings, and polishing. Not show polish, just good go polish.

Jared came over and we timed the Triumph using the 7/16" piston drop measurement method. I feel it's not the most reliable way, so I went ahead and ordered a piston stop and devised a poor man's way of mounting the degree wheel to the crank. the piston stop I got apparently isn't even long enough. So I've ordered another. Hopefully by weekend this thing will be timed well and ready to put some fluids in.

Mounted the oil tank and put a bunch of time getting the plumbing all good to go.

I did all the remaining repairs to the inner primary. Discovered a few more conflicts and fixed all those. I was having a hard time getting the rotor on and discovered the machinist's repair was still needing a lot of grinding time, as it was still mushroomed and the repair weld had a significant peak. After getting the rotor on, it became apparent it had a good wobble to it. Looks like I might need a new one. Might explain why my stator was fried.


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