Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big Boy Legos

At long last I got a pre-unit front end (a Trophy) and a side-mount Bates. Both I got from Dan at Angry Monkey.

What I started with

I actually replaced the harder to find Trophy yoke with a nacelle yoke I already had. I like the bars being more forward. I spent the day assembling the '55, seeing what fits, how it fits, what doesn't fit, and what needs to be made to fit.

I really wanted to use the tank stripes, but apparently they aren't for this tank. Also the front tank mount is too narrow for this tank. I've also had this BSA fender kicking around for years, and if I'm serious about this being a street/trails bike, I need a front fender, so maybe I will fab something up eventually. Anyway, it's all moot, as now this bike is going to be put away for a while to let me finish a few other things. Max will be old enough to hand me a wrench when I start on it.

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