Thursday, March 14, 2013


This build has had a very disjointed fabrication over the years. It's been moved constantly from one place to another to have work done on it. Often parts were sent to various people to fab and TIG weld onto with instructions from me. It's amazing that it's come together as well as it has. I had planned to have completely custom exhaust, which meant things could be put anywhere, but in the end, decided to go with the classy, sexy, stock headers... and suddenly some problems have arisen.

This is a stock '62. It has the slick-shift-styled gearbox. The oil lines run higher and the clutch cable has no interference.

I'm running a '57 gearbox. Here's a close-up of my custom Tiger Cub oil tank with redirected plumbing... I miscalculated the oil lines, and the feed runs right into the the clutch cable. Not a big deal, I can make an "S" shaped tube to route around the cable.

The right footpeg I acquired was bent and I bent it back into position, but possibly not high enough. The headers are hitting the bottom. I won't truly know if I need to reposition it until the motor is firmly in place. But if you look at the stock image above, it looks like it almost touches the footpeg.

This is the big one. The brake lever mount I made is positioned in a spot where the header really hits it. I will have to cut it off and move it, probably higher. Again I'll have to wait until the motor is completely together and headers in position to see where it goes. The kickstand mount is in a bad place too.

Everything is fixable, but another PITA to add to the list. I just have to wait until things are almost ready to go back and fix them.

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