Friday, March 22, 2013

Can't a brother get a break?

I needed to make a sharp S bend on the 5/16" feed on the oil tank.

Problem is, the bender doesn't allow such a sharp bend. The tubing collapses on itself. I tried filling it with sand, salt, using a torch... same result. I finally discovered I could clear the clutch cable with a more gradual bend. SUCCESS!

Bouncing up and down with joy it suddenly occurred to me that I used the stock Tiger Cub oil bung and fitting. Sure, I attached a 5/16" line to it, but the fitting itself was still a smaller I.D. than what's needed for a 650. Maybe I could bore out the fitting? Nope, it would destroy the fitting end. FUUUUUUDGE...

Looks like my only option is to scavenge a trashed 650 oil tank I have for its bung and fitting. I'll put it on the bottom, and run an elbow line to the oil pump. No sweat, just an all day project for me, and I have no time to do it.

In some GOOD news I did manage to score the Superior Trumpet tips I wanted at a price I would pay. That completes my exhaust. Only problem is they are for 1-7/8" pipes and I have 1-3/4" flared ends, so I'll need to make a reducer sleeve. The tips that went for $91 that pissed me off the other day got relisted, so the buyer must have flaked. All I can do now is wait for my assembled bottom end to arrive, and figure out when the hell I can fix my oil tank. This is not a hobby if you have a baby.

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