Monday, March 11, 2013

Max's Birthday Extravaganza

I busted booty all day Friday cleaning up the backyard for the party on Saturday. The yard has been severely neglected in the last year. I borrowed a power washer and did my usual dog doody duty. And good thing, too, as all afternoon kids were throwing rocks, eating rocks, and doing stone angels. It was a great turn out of friends and a few kids. We figure the first birthday is more about the parents, so there was ample alcohol. Lori and I were running around being hosts, so we didn't get to just relax. Luckily lots of people took turns playing with Max and he loved every second of it. How us two antisocial people created this super social happy boy is beyond us. And even though we said no presents, quite a few came bearing gifts. Perfect weather. It was a great day and a great party for Max. We have some great friends.

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Rob Timko said...

Congrats, following the blog over the past year, it looks like you two are some awesome parents! Bike looks good too.

Anonymous said...

that T shirt cracks me up.