Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lil Tough Guy

Yesterday was a very stressful day, Max had surgery on his abdomen. It's been a year of waiting for him to be old enough. We ran around and giggled as much as we could the night before. It's strange to not be able to tell your child that the next day is not going to be fun, and we won't be able to play like this again for a while. And you won't get to eat or drink anything. I didn't sleep a wink, we had to be at the Children's Hospital at 6:30 AM. He was still in his typical high spirits and flirting with all the lady nurses. We sang "ABC" to him as he inhaled the gas and went under. I knew he was in good hands, but it's still hard to see your child go to sleep like that and leave him in the hands of someone else. No matter how safe a surgery is, it's still worrisome. Two hours later we were invited back to recovery to watch him wake up. He was still very asleep. Perfect vitals. Eventually he woke up, very groggy and froggy. Not sure what was going on but happy to see mom and dad again. His legs were jello from the coddle they put in his back. He managed to stay awake for a meal and then sleep for 3 hours. Another hour up for food, and more sleep. But by end of the night he was running around again, but quickly learning his limitations. Not being able to bend over, he would just point at his toys on the floor and make us pick them up for him. It will be a couple weeks of recovery, and we need to try our best to keep him from ripping open stitches by his crazy antics. We sure love the little guy.


Heath said...

Glad everything went okay and that he is home! We know what you went though and how awful it must have been!

BitMonkey said...

I've been there myself as a Dad and it just sucks. Very glad to hear he is doing well.