Monday, May 21, 2012


I got a few hours of wiring in this weekend. It takes a lot longer than I was hoping for. I'm trying to do everything neat and tidy, with homemade connectors and shrink wrap. I got a good chunk done and I can start working on trimming and tidying things up. I need to make some mounts for the switches, battery, and CDI box.


BitMonkey said...

Wiring always takes me way more time than I think it should.

I don't known how the heck you decide which project to work on...

Vorhese said...

My Triumph motor parts and head are being held captive so I can't work on the Trump. "Buddy" has had the head for 16 months and full of excuses. I want my XS to be back in running form, so it's kind of the top project. And it's my only other legal bike than the KLR. The RD runs, good nuff, just isnt legal. The Black Bomber runs, again not legal.