Monday, May 7, 2012

Oakland Cruise Night

Cruise Night was last Friday, a gorgeous evening. I spent the afternoon attaching the rest of the visor to the Desoto and waiting at the DMV to take it off non-op. While installing the visor I chipped and scratched up the paint on the roof pretty good and had to really tweak it to attach it. I don't know if the visor was supposed to have some extra stainless trim on the sides, but I'm going to have to make something to cover up my hack job. But it's on... not as low as I'd like it, but I still think it looks good. NOw to paint it. One of my baby class buddies works on old cars and paints, so I may take it to him.

So the monumental thing about Cruise Night is that Lori AND Max were coming, Max's first time.

The main concern Lori had was we didn't want to be packed in and not be able leave when Max got hungry. We got to the cruise and it was already packed. We weaseled our way into a spot. And then more people came. And more. And more. I've not seen it this packed. People were parked 4 beside each other in the street. We were completely packed in. Just like a clock Max snapped at 9 P.M. and needed food so we spent the next 35 minutes in the Desoto. Finally at around 10PM we could get out of there. I have to say we miss the days of getting drunk with no responsibilities. I also really miss cruising down with Francisco and Terry, Mopar caravan. Things just aren't the same.

'54 Chrysler with a different style visor (nicer), why couldn't I have found this one?

So many cars, so many amazing paintjobs. I could never own a car this nice. I'm not responsible enough.

And this was there. Auburn.


BitMonkey said...

Looks like a cool show.

Do you make Max practice his hard-ass face for hours on end or does it just come naturally?

Vorhese said...

Hah, he's just a natural!