Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Weekend In Oakland

Last weekend was one of those packed and fun weekends that I don't get enough of. Cruise Night Friday, 2 different parks on Saturday, and we visited the Oakland Museum on Sunday, which is exhibiting illustration/cartoon work by Daniel Clowes (most know him from "Ghost World") which was amazing. And all with Max.

All Park Pictures
All Museum Pictures

Shoreline Park, nothing like a park hidden in a huge industrial section of Oakland by the harbors, filled with geese turds.

From there we cruised to Lake Merritt, walked around the lake and had some coffee.

Sunday, we headed to the Oakland Museum on free entry day. We'd never been there. This place is WAY COOL. They have this great exhibit which deatures the history of California. Of course there was a large representation of the 20th century.

Old fire truck

Model T, depression era style

A funky, old custom called "The Mystery Car"

And in the modern art section there was even an old Arlen Ness digger

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