Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back Home

We're back from a week long stay in Arizona with Lori's family. Not too much going on, but lots of things happening soon. While I get caught up, here's a good story of my buddy buying a bike in New York. Names have been changed for my safety.

So I bought a 1978 CB750 K. Its the ugliest thing ever but runs like a demon and was in my prince range.

I spoke to guy on the phone. He lives about 50 minutes by train from Brooklyn on Long Island. We struck a time and I headed out. It was late by the time I got there which was not my intention. I did not want to look at the bike in the dark and then have to ride it home from bum fuck nowhere especially since I don't know my way around.

When I got off the train at the last stop and saw the station I knew things would be strange. The smell of urine hit me first. Then a bum asked me for a cigarette. When I told him I did not smoke his "friend" yelled out, "Don't ask the white guy!" There were tons of people of around but one was scarier than the next. Hookers with bad crack habits were lurking around. A big ass dude came up to me... asked me for money to buy some food. I had $1300 cash. I told him I was sorry but I did not have change. He then got up close to me and said, "So you're telling me you you aint gonna give me any money?" I politely said sorry and walked away hoping he wouldn't stab me in the back. The guy texts me and says he'll be there in 10 mins. I'm thinking, "Shit great, maybe I wont be here in 10 mins."

Finally I get a text that says "pulling up". I'm thinking, "How is this dude texting and riding at the same time?" I start to look around and hear the bike on the other side of the parking lot. I walk over and realize that the guy who I had talked to was in an SUV and that some other guy was riding the bike. As I approach I notice that they are both wearing MC cuts. The guy who got out of the SUV is HUGE. I literally have to look up to see his face. His body is a little shy of two of me put together. I reach out to shake his hand and introduce myself. As he pulls me in towards his chest, he says his name is "Deniro" but that people call him "Denny". The other guy doesn't say a word. Silence. I say "Hello" and shake his hand but barely get a nod. He is wearing a bandana that covers most of his face below the eyes and a German style helmet. They are from the Totally Bad Dudes MC.

I take a look at the bike and notice a small oil leak. Nothing major. I walk around and try and make light chit-chat but they are not buying it. Mind you it's night out and all the freaks from the station are buzzing. I ask if I can take it for a spin. I hand him my license and he says "No". He wants me to give him the money. I tell him that I just want to test drive it and see if all gears shift without strange noises, etc. "I promise I won't leave the parking lot." He says, "At least give me like $200 as a deposit". I again, VERY respectfully, tell him I'll just ride in the lot and won't leave his sight. I try to jokingly add that even if I wanted to I couldn't go anywhere because I have no clue where I am. In hind sight, not a good move. He doesn't really find it funny. I also tell him that he has a car so he could chase me if I took off. Again, a blank stare. I start the bike and start to move and he says really loud to the other guy, "Man, I can't believe this shit. I have never let anybody take my shit like this before." He then looks at me and says, "You better not leave my sight." I catch a glimpse of one of his patches: "Snitches are a dying breed."

I bring it back with no problem. Bike sounds good and runs good. I tell him about the oil leak and again very politely tell him that when we had talked he had said there were NO problems whatsoever with the bike. I then ask him if he would drop the price which we had already brought down from $1500 to $1200 another $200 for a total of $1000 even. He smiles for the first time and says "sure" like it's no big deal. I say "cool". I look around at the freak show going on and ask him if he wants to do the deal here. He says, "Look at me fool, who's gonna fuck with me?" I laugh a nervous laugh and say "sure". I was so nervous that I miss-counted and he corrected me. He gave me encouragement, "Don't worry. It happens, keep going." In my head I was thinking who the fuck is this guy? So the deal is done. Or so I think.

He looks at the tank which has a skull on it and tells me that it's the club's logo. I tell him that if he wants, I will paint around it and not disrespect the skull. He looks at me and says, "I'm not going to let you take the bike with that on there, fool." So he signals to his buddy who pulls out a knife and scrapes the thing off. Not much damage to the shit-rattle-can paint job. I don't say shit!

Then there is the issue of the plate. he proceeds to inform me that in NY you have to bring your own plate. I'm like," WHAT?!" I did not bring a plate. I ask if it's cool if I go without one. This is the first time his friend talks. He says "In this neighborhood you wouldn't get a block without being pulled over." It comforts me to think that there are cops around. So he tells me that he'll let me take his plate as long as I promise to send it back. And if I don't, well... He never finished the thought. I guess he thought he had my number since we had texted.

There is plenty more, but that's about all I can remember now.

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