Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crayon Melt

I've seen this "thing" online of melting crayons over canvas to make art. I remember being a kid and our art teacher had this crazy molten crayon painting device. This isn't quite that technical, just line up and hot glue crayons, and use a hair dryer (or preferably a heat gun) to melt crayons to create motion. I decided to give it a shot. If I could do it again, I would definitely use a heat gun. To get a hair dryer to correct temperature you have to have it on high anf it just blows the stuff everywhere.



JessX said...

Interesting. I remember in grade school doing something that involved crayons, an iron and sandpaper. I don't really remember how it all worked but the end result was a like a polka dot crayon drawing.

On a semi related note, I'm hoping to take an encaustic painting class in the spring.

Charles Hamilton said...

That's how I made my GF's birthday card:

Vorhese said...

Jess, I had to look that word up! Wow that looks liek some complicated neat stuff!