Thursday, January 5, 2012

That's So Racist

I get all crazy during political season. I'm too liberal for my conservative friends, and I'm to conservative for my liberal friends. I've voted Libertarian Harry Brown in 2000, voted Kerry in '04, and voted Obama in '08. I subscribe to the Libertarian mindset for the most part, but do believe in socialized medicine and other other social programs. I believe we should take care of us (Americans) before all else. I'm against the wars, including the drug wars, am for personal freedom, am pro NRA, I am pro education. I am for Roe v Wade and other civil rights acts. And I'm extremely pro separation of church and state and religious freedoms (or lack of religion!). Yadda yadda. I'm rooting for Ron Paul to win the Republican nomination, though I'm still not 100% I will vote for him if so. Obama signing NDAA really pretty much sealed the deal I won't be voting for him again. So if Paul doesn't get the nomination, I will probably just stay home in November.

Anyway, a lot of my liberal friends like to stress how Paul is a racist. Criticize his political positions all you want, but you really need to get off this "racism" smear campaign. If you have any concerns, watch this video.

Judge Napolitano did a nice editorial

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