Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Someone save me from myself

All I was going to do was try a different set of bars on Friday...

"While I'm at it" syndrome has struck again. I just did the swing-arm, but I've had that XS front drum, new B.U.B. exhaust, and small headlight laying around for a while eating at me. I just said "F IT" and started yanking the wiring harness and front brake and wheel off. I'm going to completely redo/simplify the wiring and make the bike as stripped down as I can go. I need to make a battery box, switch panel, front brake stay and wheel spacers, and headlight bracket.

I've been studying wiring harness diagrams and modified one to fit my needs. Kick only, no front brake switch, but I'm keeping the horn. I'm hoping to kick this all out rather quickly.

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