Friday, January 13, 2012

A Ghost

I haven't been very active on my blog recently. Nothing of any visual interest has been going on, and honestly, I've just had my mind elsewhere with the baby coming.

I've been working on the Triumph in the background. It's just a waiting game. My cases have been welded up and they just need drilled and heli-coiled (by me). My inner primary is swiss cheese so I need to find a new one. All the bearings are bad, the 2 in the case are $175 alone. And the bad news keeps coming. It's not 100%, but my cases, even though the have matching numbers, appear to not be matching cases.

Here's what Troop and his dad had to say after examining them:

"Preliminary lineup of your case halves had my pops scratching his head. The case halves don't appear to line up correctly, which lends him to believe they may have been mismatched even though the numbers match. Worse case scenario you may have been swindled with a set of mismatched cases that'll eventually crack your crank and end in total failure. Case halves are line bored at the factory to ensure the two crank mainbearings are in absolute alignment with one another, making for zero pressure on the crank while its in operation. Case halves that are not line bored together will put undue force on the mainbearing and will torque your crank until it fails.

On the upside we haven't completely tested them out. Only after the guide dowels and case hardware are in place can we be certain that the halves don't mate properly. Since we're not there yet, I've decided to go ahead with the case repairs so at least we can do all we can to ensure good operation if they end up mounting true. So cross your fingers, we do have a chance. IF they do end up being mismatched halves we have 2 options. The first option is best, but a hard pill to swallow. 1. Find another set of cases and scrap these ones. or 2. Run the cases with worn out bearings like the ones in it, you may get a couple thousand miles out of them with the extra play built into the worn mainbearings. With option 2 you would be riding a ticking time bomb, so to speak, but at least you're rolling. I know, not a good choice among them. Remember though, that's only if they don't end up lining up after we're done with repairs."


This Sunday is the Sacramento Swap. I'm going to Look for an inner primary there. I believe Troop is going to be there, too, so I can hand off the dowels and screws for the cases and he can find out for sure. I'm ordering pistons and such so I can get the barrels bored and crank repaired. Just money and time, money and time.

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Charles Hamilton said...

Well that sucks to hear.
Sorry about the bad news, but hopefully things turn around for you.