Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nuts and Bolts and Clam$

November 11: Soda blast cases
November 18: Polish head ports in evening, send cases to Pops to weld/fix, send head to Troop to finish, clean and layout all motor parts
November 25: Rebuild sludge trap in crank, order necessary motor parts
December 2: Bore barrels, get crank to spec, paint jugs
December 9: Assemble gear box
December 16: Get cases back from Pops, polish, put bushings in cases, reassemble connecting rods to crank
December 23: Assemble lower end
December 30: Inspect and clean up magneto, get head and carbs back from Troop
January 6: Install head
January 13: Finish minor fab work (tail light, license mount, kickstand), disassemble chassis
January 20: Get all necessary SS hardware, grind and polish bolt heads
January 27: Rebuild forks
February 3: Primer and paint misc chassis parts
February 10: Assemble chassis, install motor
February 17: Wire & plumb
February 24: Have exhaust made
March 2: Fire up and ride!
March 9: BABY!

The cases are in Grass Valley to be welded. I removed the sludge trap from the unit crank this weekend, and right now I'm sourcing where to bore the barrels and have the crank shaped up. I think I will be taking my barrels to Petaluma to Engine Dynamics ($150) and my crank to Bailey Bros. in American Canyon ($125). I'm going to bring both the unit and the pre-unit crank to see what they prefer. But before that I need to get my new pistons, rings, and a couple different shells for the rods.

There's no way I'll be able to keep to my schedule, but I'm going to just keep hacking away. Last night I put my Thunderbird cases in the frame to see what mounting bolts I have that are good, what needs replaced, and what needs changed. It's a puzzle to figure out what goes in first.

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