Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bad JuJu

I've been discovering all sorts of issues with my preunit motor. This is why you tear it all the way down!

This the alternator side keyway on my crank. I'm going to have to have a machinist recut a keyway on the other side (and put a new timing mark on).

This is the clutch hub. Quite chipped up, but it should be ok as it's inside the clutch center. But there is that one good chip on the side where the rollers come in contact. I may still use it. No sign of wear on the rollers.

Here's a nice WTF. Most of the outer Whitworth threaded holes have been helicoiled for 1/4-20. These 2 holes that hold the inner primary on have been drilled all the way through the case! Looks like I'll need a machinist for the crank and an aluminum welder for the case. So much for slapping it back together easily!

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