Thursday, November 17, 2011

Care Package

I'm not able to make a trip up to Grass Valley to see the boys anytime soon, so I'm sending my cases up for Pops to weld, some parts for Troop to inspect, and the head for Troop to finish. I'm also sending Pops a tank and clip-ons for his cafe project. I can get a better shipping rate sending from work... this stuff has taken me all week to transport here in my hard bag on my KLR, and I still have one more trip of stuff to get. I started sanding and polishing my intake last night, I hope to finish tonight, or this stuff won't go out until next week. I have a schedule to keep! Last night I also honed my cylinders, but unfortunately it looks like they will need to rebored to the next size. I'll probably need new pistons, too. The money keeps adding up...


Anonymous said...

what's the story with the honed cyl's?

iwas in a mind to have someon a 500 done, ended up buying a set at a good price with pistons.

then talked to some people in the 'know', they reckon people get way too twitched and think that because it's old , has staining etc, its gotta be ground,rebored. Sure if you tkeit to an engineers andsay whats the next size it can be taken to they'll tell you, that's how they make their mullah; but does it need it?


Vorhese said...

I can get my fingernail in each corroded area. That's more than a stain.