Monday, November 14, 2011

Go time

Enough dillydallying. It's been 6 years since I got my Triumph, but I need to finish it by mid March. I have come up with a week by week game plan to try to get it done before the baby comes. I put a realistic goal for each weekend. Some things depend on other things to get done first, and others can be done whenever. Mixed in with all this is birthing classes every weekend, creating the nursery, and planning the 2nd Unfinished Projects Show for February. This would be so much easier if I didn't have a day job.

November 11: Soda blast cases Never again will I do this myself. What a PITA!

November 18: Polish head ports in evening, send cases to Pops to weld/fix, send head to Troop to finish, clean and layout all motor parts
November 25: Rebuild sludge trap in crank, order necessary motor parts
December 2: Get cases back from Pops, polish, put bushings in cases, reassemble connecting rods to crank
December 9: Assemble lower end
December 16: Hone cylinders, check specs, paint jugs, clean pistons, reassemble pistons
December 23: Assemble gear box
December 30: Inspect and clean up magneto, get head and carbs back from Troop
January 6: Install head
January 13: Finish minor fab work (tail light, license mount, kickstand), disassemble chassis
January 20: Get all necessary SS hardware, grind and polish bolt heads
January 27: Rebuild forks
February 3: Primer and paint misc chassis parts
February 10: Assemble chassis, install motor
February 17: Wire & plumb
February 24: Have exhaust made
March 2: Fire up and ride!
March 9: BABY!

I was really hoping to start reassembling the lower end earlier, but I have some aluminum repairs I should do, well, have Pops do for me.

Fill the 3 thru holes, re-helicoil

Fill and reshape chip by hole

Fill and shape the chain gouges

Fill and shape worn down areas, re-helicoil

Big thanks to Jason at SF Vintage for hooking me with a unit crank to use so I don't need to have machine work done. For comparison, left to right, '53 Thunderbird, '62 Bonneville, late '60's unit cranks. Notice the '53 doesn't have a sludge trap.

And different alternator attachment.

Here's to getting shit done.

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