Monday, August 15, 2011

Dirtbag Challenge 2011

The Dirtbag Challenge was yesterday. I rode in with Lucas and Ian. Judging by the cameras and phones being held up in the air, you probably can find these same pictures and videos 1000 other places online. Pretty typical Dirtbag, fun to look at the crowd's bikes, good to talk to old and new friends, amusing to watch the contestants ride in and do their burnouts, fun to watch the guy in the sidecar with the midget. But $5 hamburgers? They were $1 a few years ago. Damn cow meat is getting expensive. And the dude with the woman on the leash... Basically it was an afternoon of people who like attention. Especially the bagger guys who rode out trying to do burnouts and failed miserably. You can always tell who the posers are by how much they drag their feet.

And they arrived

Julian's forkless RZ350. The Kneeslider did a write-up on him a while ago.

I had a few people approach me because they recognized me from this blog. Thanks for stroking my ego, guys. Here's a shoutout to Robert at Dirty Thieves Chop Shop.

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