Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A birthday bonanza

Lori's birthday was yesterday, but I began with festivities on Saturday. I had been telling her we were going to Red Lobster (which she never believed), but I took her to Alexander's Steak House in the city. It was amazing. And also the most expensive meal we've ever eaten. It was a special occasion, we can splurge once in a while. The waiting staff was just awesome and treated us like royalty, and the food was amazeballs. I'm no foodie, but I know a good steak and I know good mashed potatoes. So that was just perfect. Halfway through the dinner, I surprised her with earrings from Esqueleto. I've become a lot more confident buying jewelry for her. It started with her engagement ring, then I got her a vintage brooch for Christmas, and now Jersey Agate earrings. She acts like she likes them at least... Last night was a Giants game; the Giants got clobbered by Pittsburgh. And tonight is an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. I am awesome.

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