Saturday, July 9, 2011

Myrtle, the 10, & the Cub

A fellow I met online shared these photos with us, I thought they needed to be shared with everyone. Looks like he'll have some more to share soon. If you put these on your blog, please give credit to "LineNoise."

"My dad passed away several years ago and whilst I'd known he'd ridden bikes, Triumphs in particular, when he was younger, I never took the time to ask for the details.

I found these photos after he died and they're labelled as "Myrtle", "The 10" and "The Cub" respectively. I'm 99% sure "The 10" was a Tiger 110 and "The Cub" is obvious. Myrtle is a bit more of a mystery though I believe her to be a T20C. All the photos are taken on the old family farm in the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia.

If you give me a day or two I can give you a couple of extra shots as well. I've a closer framed photo of my Dad astride Myrtle in that gear and on another of his bikes, a Malvern Star. :P There's also a shot of my uncle on the Cub and on his CZ.

I've seen photos as a kid of some of the other bikes my uncle had, a Matchless 500 twin and a number of BSAs but I never found them in the collection."

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