Monday, July 18, 2011

Brocoli Head

Everytime I take pictures of our garden, by the time I get around posting them, the plants are already significantly larger than in the pics. So, today, I'm posting right away. It was a big day, our first brocoli harvest. We've been watching the head get bigger and bigger AND BIGGER... "um, I think we should probably harvest that brocoli." "Yeh, before it starts flowering." Now, I don't know if this is normal, but yesterday, all the leaves collapsed around the head, and the main stalk just stuck up like it was saying, "Hey, uh, dudes, you better cut me."

It was big as my head.

So cut it, we did.

All the little stalks around the main stalk should now start producing. And we also have 2 other plants. Vegetables are simply amazing.

Like, just look at our corn! Lori's 5'9".

Another miracle is our watermelon. For 2 months it was the size of a golf ball. Once the sun came out, it just went crazy. This picture is a week old, it's now twice this size.

So yeh, veggies are pretty cool.

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