Friday, July 22, 2011


I was lane splitting nearing the Bay Bridge heading towards Oakland and there was a moto cop slowly splitting lanes. He got way over to the right which I took as a sign to pass. I started passing him and he gradually came closer to me. I kept going holding way way back on my usual lane splitting speed, basically riding like a grandma. A minute later the lights are flashing behind me and he pulls up beside me and screams "Can you hear me now? Pull over at the cut off!!!"

I did. I motion to take off my helmet. he comes over fuming and goes over every bit of Klr for probably 3 minutes not saying anything. He then goes into a tirade about me riding unsafe, lane splitting aggressively, how I almost hit him. I simply played the apologetic "yes sir" game. I told him I took his gesture of moving over as a sign to pass. He screams at me saying there was no gesture. I held back arguing, apologized. License, reg, etc...

He asked how long I'd been riding and I said about 30 years. He then said "I can tell." dunno what that meant. He then let me go with a "ride safe"

fuuuuuuck, someone really must have pissed him off and he took it out on me. I can't imagine riding with better behavior than I did. The police presence near the bridge has tripled this week, maybe new riders, or something. If you see a cop, stay the hell away.

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