Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It took a year

But I turned my Miller 180 on for the first time since moving. After a long, annoying, and expensive upgrade of the electrical panel and running through the hoops of permits and inspections, I finally got the 220 installed. Plus the wiring for the backyard. Plus the drip irrigation control box and valves. Kevin (and Gusterson) came over this weekend and helped me get it sorted out. The original idea was to run 6-2 75ft from the box to the back of the garage, but that would have cost another $300 in wire and conduit, so I settled on a couple feet off the main box in the front of the garage. I did some research and Home Depot pretty much rapes you on wire cost. I found 6-2 online for 1/2 the price (they apparently sell conduit for almost cost). I'm just going to make a long ass extension cord. Bring on the bad welds!

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