Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend aquirements

So I think our new thing is to go to estate sales. We picked these up today.

1910-1912 Singer sewing machine
Runs and everything. This is Lori's third antique sewing machine.

Early 1950's(?) Juicex juicer
Works perfectly. This thing is as heavy as a rock. Made in Detroit. A lot of people don't realize that appliances actually used to be well made. Here's something we found on it. This thing rocks.

1960's or 70's Amal 932 Carburetors
I needed these for my Triumph. Hopefully they work.

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the fake purse ninja said...

I have a 1890's singer (finding it in a 1900 sears catalog confirmed the era) and my ggma's 1930's singer.