Monday, February 16, 2009

raindrops keep falling

Nya nya. Lori has to go to work today and I don't. I've already had to clean up dog piss and cat shit. Follow the chain of events. It's been raining nonstop for a week with no end in sight. The dogs refuse to go outside to relieve themselves because they don't want to get wet. Sheena the dog pisses on the rug. I curse out loud as I just stepped in warm dog piss. I clean it. I see Sheena go by the door and start chewing something. Then another. I scream and run to where she was chewing. Cat shit. Harper the cat is so dumb he shit either a)because he smelled dog piss or b) because he is too fat to fit in his litterbox.

I only lost 1 pound last week. Then Sunday I had the worst run ever. I took Luka to the track and he was a complete asshole. And now my calf muscle hurts.

We registered at Crate & Barrel yesterday. Buy us shit!

I'm home today. It's cold. Raining. I'm going stir crazy. Our house is dripping in a few spots from the ceiling. I needed a bolt for my RD, but the hardware store is closed.

Here's a candid shot. I don't get many.


JessX said...

i have seen your gift registry and i refuse to participate in it!

mostly because the chance of me getting invited over to enjoy anything cooked with the things you have listed is so very very low it's depressing.

i will buy you two novelty snow globes and you will like them! :-p

the fake purse ninja said...

Free Bird!