Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To mother Ohio

Wow, you did it! You went from Red to Blue. You rallied and you fucking gave the conservatives a 1-2 punch right to the kidney. Fuck yes! I was so happy to see Ohio vote for Obama. Everyone at work asked me how proud I was. And I had to say very proud!

I am VERY disappointed that California passed Prop 8. What a comlete civil rights violation. America moves forward and California takes a step back. All I have to say is it WILL happen. And the fucking Mormons need to keep the fuck out of our business. The $20,000,000 they spent on Prop 8 could have been put to real use, say, helping the sick and poor? Isn't that what you religious types preach? Hypocrites. So, now our chickens get to live in luxory apartments, but gay people still can't get married.

Fuck you religion.

But at least we're geeting a bullet train from SF to LA.

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