Saturday, November 1, 2008


This has been the best Halloween in recent memory. After work Friday I rushed home to set up my truck and do all the lighting, get the scary music ready, set up the strobes, and all the finishing touches. This was the third time I'd put my vampire make up on and I think I got it down pat. Lori was my vampiress queen. Dusk set in. And we sat around waiting. A few sprinkles here and there dotted our heads. But still no kids. I was getting bummed out, and Lori tried to keep my spirits up saying it was still fun. She bet we'd get 4 kids, I bet 5.

And then it happened.

Darkness set in and they began coming in droves. 10 at a time. All night long we heard the same things out of people's mouths. "SWEET!" "This is THE best house!" "You guys did a great job!" "It's like a fun house!" That really made us feel good for all the hard work we put into this season. It was my very first time getting to do the treating as I grew up in a house in the country where no kids go.

We ran out of candy and closed up shop. We then ordered Papa John's pizza. I haven't had Papa Johns in over 3 years and I missed it! What a great night!

I put a red light in the cab which let up the skeleton. People loved this and asked us to pse in front of it.

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