Saturday, November 22, 2008

My supervisor introduced me to her 70 year old step uncle today. I'd been nagging her for about a year. He's a Model A collector. Not only does he have a sickness of model A's, he's one hell of a nice guy.

I wish I could have got 1/1000th of the interesting stuff on film. I wish I could possibly remember all the different years and models. Behold.

He wanted a store, so he built one from scratch. There is so much cool stuff in this building.

Outside his workshop he's working on a 34 and a 29

Inside his workshop, it's stuffed

his newest acquisition,a 55 Panel

He's 70 years old, been doing this since the 50's. But he still finds stuff real cheap. REAL cheap. I hope he adopts me.

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Lunchbox said...

Dude, way sweet. I love old stuff in general. I'm all for the retro. I especially dig it when folks take it upon themselves to preserve and display. Good stuff.