Monday, November 24, 2008

3 Problems With Obama... so far

Obama's my boy, but so have I have collected 3 issues I am not too pleased with.

Lieberman. The guy is getting off scott free after betraying the Democratic party. He's unremorseful, unrepetentent, a lying Droopy Dog, and Obama seems to be kissing his ass. The Democrats should have kicked him to the street.

Hillary. Hillary as Sec. of State is a bad idea. Because for 4 years all she'll be thinking about is 2012. Plus, remember, during her campaign she played some pretty shady moves on Obama. I understand Obama's whole "I love Lincoln, keep your enemies closer" tactics, but Hillary? Bad idea.

Finally, this issue.

I still have faith in Obama. I should know it's not going to be perfect. But these 3 issues kind of peeve me off, if you know what I'm sayin', dawg.

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Lunchbox said...

I'm shocked at the Hilary selection too. But to add to your concern, it's the one area that Obama vocally said in the primaries he felt she was weak. So, why offer her the role? My guess: it was a deal struck before the election to gain the Clinton support of the campaign. Just thank Jebus she isn't VP.

Lieberman is a joke and I think rather than throw him under the bus, Washington is going to give him the Ron Paul cold shoulder until he's so insignificant he just fades away.