Friday, August 8, 2008


Our dogs are needy, very needy. They can only have fun when we are around. If we put them outside they just stare at the door, knocking it with their paws until we let them in. Then they come in with their tails of destruction, knocking everything over, whipping or legs, and jumping on the couch. It takes them 5 minutes to calm down. Like they've never seen us before.

Luka is the neediest of all. I think he has severe separation anxiety/abandonment issues. Yesterday I brought Sheena the punk rock dachshund in to work with me and left Luka alone all day. As soon as I pulled in at the end of the day I heard him whining and was greeted by him at the door. Which is funny because he has a crate.

I went to his crate and the door was still latched. He somehow managed to pry open the bottom of the crate and squeeze through. All the welds were broken. This was a very tight squeeze, how he did it I have no idea. Then when I looked at his face it was covered in scratches. I'm surprised he still has ears.

He's just such a big baby. Poor guy. We'll never leave him alone without his Sheena again.

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