Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Luka is an Asshole

"Hi, I'm an asshole"

So I have never felt more Californian than today... Luka is now on Puppy Prozac. Well, not quite, but close. His separation anxiety has now become unmanageable. We've tried everything under the sun but it finally came to meds.

We came home after the Gimme Gimme show and found him waiting for us at the door. Which is odd since we put him in his crate. His face was covered in blood and lacerations. He had managed to dig through the plastic crate liner, through the metal bars of the crate, INTO OUR CARPET, and crawled out.

The last straw.

We got him a sister just so he would have a buddy and not do this anymore. But the two of them together have become some tag team duo.

Hopefully the meds work for him and he finally calms down. He looks like a junk yard dog right now.

Good job Luka, you're new home is now so much more punk.

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Jess E said...

your dog is houdini

Lunchbox said...

Dude. I feel like I know them and I certainly know your pain.

Just remember, they LOVE you. And the second you leave them, you've already been gone forever in their mind.