Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mine All Mine

Yesterday was an amazing day. The monkey that had been sitting on my shoulder for a year and a half decided to move along. I sold the CB750A Hondamatic. To refresh, Christmas 2013 my buddy Danny sold me the 1950 Candyman Beezer I'd been begging him for and the CB750A as a package deal. Here's the whole story on the BSA. Because he is a good guy, he took partial payment, on condition I pay him fully after the CB750A sold. And that took a year and a half. Over 40 hours of work and $600 invested allowed me to break even, making the BSA "free." The CB750A is a good bike, but it had to go. And now the BSA is finally mine, all mine. I feel I can actually start working on it now. Now to pursue Candyman's leather jacket his buddy has...

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