Monday, July 27, 2015

Dig it

Been a crazy couple weeks. I picked up this Ironhead chopper chassis. Lots of decent parts. But after examining the frame, I'm 90% confident it's an old Arlenn Ness digger front loop on a stock sportster frame. I decided I wanted to bring the bike back to what I imagine it should be, a mid 70's Ness-style Ironhead digger, but with my own touches. I'm basically only keeping the frame and rear wheel. I imagine it to have a stretched slim Factory Metal Works springer or maybe a girder, 21" spool spoke or Invader on front. Tank, fender, and seat by my design. It's basically an art bike. I'm already dreaming shaping foam to design the tank. 37 projects down the line...

I'll be hanging the frame in the garage until that fateful day arrives when i can start working on it. I have problems focusing as you can see.

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