Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Head Case

I got the head off last night, without needing an engine stand. Just a little rum and sweat.
The rocker cover was the hardest thing i ever had to pull off. I needed a shower afterwards. There are 4 washers with rubber grommets that really hold tight and make pulling rocker up VERY difficult. Otherwise, all looks well.
I was hoping for an obvious gasket blow out but nothing really too apparent. It actually looked pretty good except for some burned oil on the left valves and piston. left side is where I noticed the leak. I couldn't keep it running so I was definitely losing compression. Reading up it appears the cylinder studs are to blame, they are too weak. You need to retorque the head annually, which I didn't do. This motor was rebuilt about 6 years ago and I never touched it except adjust the tappets.

I think I'm going to pull the barrels off and check the rings too. Sucks that new rings cost $70+. This whole job is going to cost me a little over $100. Disassembly is the fun easy work. Now for the dirty work.

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