Saturday, April 6, 2013

Clubmans Booty

Today was Clubmans Show and Swap. Last year I left empty handed. Each year it's become more and more picked through and not much to offer, this year was the same. The pre-unit stuff was almost non-existent this year. It's either all gone or everyone is selling on eBay. I did my rounds and didn't see much, then did another round and found a few things. All I have to say is thank Jeebus I'm not restoring a bike... there is just not much left to work with. Everything I got needs some attention, luckily I'm making another custom out of the '55. The big ticket was the fender, it's been modified a bit, but no sweat, as I'll be bobbing it. I also found a right side footpeg with a Harley folding peg welded on. I had the left side peg... but will require some attention. Found cheap cheap cheap passenger peg triangle brackets, I had the pegs... again more fixing will be required. I got some cheap generator front motor moutns, I'll fill in the holes. A kickstand. And for $5 I found these narrow clamp bars, very similar to Flanders or Hellings Stellings... pretty cool and perfectly straight.

I still need:
Option A: a complete front end, either nacelle or trophy (I have a wheel), but think I prefer nacelle style.

Option B: Piece together. I have fork lowers, a decent upper nacelle yoke. I need all internals, lower yoke, and damper rod.


8" front wheel backing plate
'55-'59 brake pedal
an iron head (4 or 5 fin) no cracks, all good, etc
push rod tubes for iron head
rocker oil lines/tubes for iron head
'55-'59 chain guard would be cool
BTH Magneto + auto advance, I have (most of) a K2F, but want to run KC2
2nd gearbox adjuster (I have one)

The Goal

In all I went away happy. I didn't walk away with a front end, brake pedal, or an iron head, but have some leads. There's always eBay I guess. I didn't even look at the bikes this year! Good to see some old friends, some acquaintances, and speak to people who know me from this little blog.

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