Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After a few issues, I got the cam shaft bushings in. I went to test the cams and the primary exhaust bushing is too tight. That is how I discovered that I need to line ream the bushings. Neither the Hughie Hancox video, nor the Wes White video, nor any of the books mentioned this. It's another $80 tool. This is what I need to do, skip to 16:00:


BitMonkey said...

Bummer. I've talked to more than one Greybeard type that says don't change those cam bushings unless they are definitely beyond spec.

I changed them in my T100 because hell, it's a new engine, right? I took them to the local Triumph extortion dude because I wasn't too sure I'd ever need the proprietary reamer again and I knew he had one. It cost me $45 if I remember correctly and I wound up with EXACTLY the same in spec clearances. I wasn't too stoked. I suspect a good machinist could do a better job but it would probably cost a good bit more too.

Vorhese said...

I'm hopefully going to get to borrow one. Here's another story:

"I had a BSA in here... the guy who rebuilt the motor took lapping compound and lapped the cam into the bushing instead of reaming the bushing with a tool, then when he fired up the bike that shit went through the engine and ruined all the bushings and bearings."