Sunday, December 11, 2011

A selection of pre-war

I'm trying to sell my Desoto again. I've been trying off and on for a couple years but I always pull the ad. I think I can keep my word this time. If I do sell it, I will be doing the responsible thing and putting it towards finally getting a pre-war motorcycle. It's been a dream of mine for a while, and this might be the only way it ever happens. I want to have a bike for the antique rides and trials. But finding a bike under £6,000 (and that's way on my high end) is going to be incredibly difficult. The good stuff starts around the £10,000 ($15,000 USA) range. Odds are I will have to sell some other bikes, as well. It has to be British. I'd prefer something over 350cc. And it has to have the right look. I've been looking at Matchless, AJS, Triumph, BSA, Velocette, and even Sunbeam. Most are just out of my potential. I guess I can get more serious about thinking about it after my Desoto puts cash in my hand.

This is just a few I spied...

1930 Sunbeam Model 6 long stroke 500cc, £7,650.00 LINK

1928 AJS Model K6 OHV 350cc, £13,500.00 LINK

Matchless ca. 1940 type G3 347 cc OHV, $7707 LINK

1915 Douglas, £10,000 LINK

TRIUMPH SD 550 1924 550cc, £9,000.00 LINK

BSA M22 500cc Sport 1937, £10,000.00 LINK


Derby said...

Don't do it. Don't sell the Desoto. Been reading the blog for a while. We're in the same boat - kid on the way in March, bunch of bike projects, relatively new house - perhaps one of the main reasons I like reading the blog. Now duct tape notwithstanding - can't put a car seat on a pre-unit. But you can put a baby seat in a Desoto - take the baby and his mom on nice Sunday cruise, take the kid and his friends for ice cream after practice, etc. Ok i said my peace. If you are every in NYC I owe you a drink for the entertainment.

scrapmetalart said...

I had a 1944 BSA M20 for a while I should have never sold...

Vorhese said...

Oh I'm just kind of tired of the Desoto, I'm more of a motorcycle guy than a car guy. If I had money and space I'd have one of everything. It's actually between a prewar bike or a Model A pickup (stock). I have a couple friends who have been trying to convince me to get a prewar bike for a while. They've assured me i can get a nice one for much cheaper than these and local.