Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul

If I get a choice between Paul and Obama, I will be voting Ron Paul.


Charles Hamilton said...

Given a choice between RP and most politicians I'm voting RP.

Davidabl said...

Protest vote?
Or do you think he'd be able to break the gridlock and
get something done?
Just curious.

E said...

I will vote for whoever is running against Obama. Socialism has NEVER worked anywhere.

Davidabl said...

For better or worse the guy's really a mainstream
politician. Very,very unlikely to go out and try to hanghang the1%....
Or to even take away very much of their money.

Vorhese said...

Ron Paul is not perfect. Putting all the power in the states does worry me a little. But I'm willing to want to shake things up a bit. As for Obama being Socialist, he's far from it. Plenty of Europe and canada has social programs that work fantastically. But Obama is a sell out with no spine.

Davidabl said...

We needed another FDR and didn't even get a Kennedy. In a time when politics is all buy and sell
they're all gonna be "sell outs." Or they're not gonna
get elected.

Davidabl said...

We needed a great president this time..and most living
Americans have never seen one in their lifetimes.
My parents and your grandparents remember FDR..
the last great President
Ronald Reagan was able to play one on TV (without having to deliver the substance)-- and that's as close as we got.