Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jesse vs Pud

Yeh, I'm going there. And don't pretend you're too good to have not had any interest. It's a sad day in motorcycles when this laughable thing...

beats something like this...

Jesse's bike is definitely not something I even really care for, it's not my style, and the fact you have to ride it looking out the side in a turn off. But build-wise, it's leaps and bounds better than Paulie's. People that like Pud Junior's bike are people that a) don't ride motorcycles and b) are like magpies, attracted to shiny objects, deer-in-headlights syndrome. Just look at that travesty! He looks like he's riding a Big Wheel. You can't really ride that thing. And you look goofy doing it. As for Paul Sr, his machine is not a bike, but I think it's cool in its own respect except the riding position. If I had a farm I'd love to zoom around on it. Kill a deer and drag it home. Someone please do me a favor and sew that Jason kid's mouth shut.

Let me start with Jesse. People really hate on him because of the adultery stuff, which is bad but not our business, and some really hate his cocky attitude. I think he's hilarious and entertaining. His shit talking is fantastic, top shelf stuff. But that does not pertain to his ability to build bikes. The man has skill, respects history, respects the process. He's an actual fabricator who surrounds himself with other talent. And he RIDES.

Paul Jr, on the other hand, is a wannabee. He's a mook. Money bought him the facilities and notoriety, and he's convinced himself he's a "designer." The people working for him have the skill (especially the tank metal worker dude, and that Vinny guy seems like a stand up guy), but he's just a supervisor-type when it comes down to it. I need those TPS reports, mmm k? He has gaudy taste. And he doesn't even really ride bikes. That is evident with his creations. I think you need a few more PJD sticker on your truck, there Paulie.

It really grinds my guts that this pudlicker has any sort of fame and there are tons of amazing builders out there that don't get any mainstream notoriety because they don't have enough manufactured drama in their lives to make for entertaining tv. We can't get any real fabrication shows on tv because "the masses" can't comprehend watching something educational. But that's probably a good thing. Keep the good stuff out of the public eye. It's already become ridiculously popular and much more expensive than it used to be. Motorcycle popularity comes and goes... and it's time for it to go.

American Chopper has been canceled. Jesse starts filming his new series in January. And word is Pud Junior is getting his own series. The closest thing we have right now to a real building show is Cafe Racer TV, and even that is 50% crap.