Thursday, May 20, 2010

Texas Tea Container

At long, friggin' last. Well almost. This is actually my second preference for an oil tank on my Triumph. My first preference was a rigid pre-unit oil tank, but those are harder to come by and much more expensive. And it's a bit competitive to get one. This is an oil tank of a Tiger Cub, probably a 50's model. The filler is in the front. I was convinced to get this one because it looks great on a vertical downtube Triumph frames like my '62. Only 2 issues. I'm going to need to move the feed tube to the front bottom corner. And I'm going to need to increase the capacity of the tank or I'll need to run an oil filter. This tank works good on a little 200cc Tiger Cub, but the 650 engines need some more juice. I have 2 ideas; find a donor tank, or just make deeper wall. I'll skin the back off, add 2" of metal wall, and seal it back up. The tank will sit partially beside the downtube, and the tank addition will actually go behind the downtube. Cosmetic surgery. Thanks to Jared from the Throwbacks and Paul from Show & Go for the advice and Tim who's building a '59/'61 for selling it to me.

So close I can taste it. It's all coming together.

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