Monday, May 3, 2010

Blown out and cracked

I have been on a video kick recently. Videos can often just express what you need so much better than pictures. And they can express my newest concern. Last Monday I went to change the oil in the Desoto. I started it up to warm up the oil and it was making a horrible ticking noise. I looked in the engine bay and saw oil splurting out of the oil canister, all over the exhaust. I changed the oil and pretty much stopped the oil leak (for now), but the ticking was still there. I found the source, an exhaust leak on the passenger side exhaust manifold. Looks like the gasket blew. Not only that, I saw a big crack in the rear manifold mount. Ugh. This is probably related to my new exhaust, the manifolds were just under too much stress. The old Desoto manifolds are notorious for being thin-walled and brittle. Hopefully I can get a replacement, but I'll just drive it as-is for now. Here's some videos.

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