Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Because

About 2 weeks ago I got the idea to get Lori a gift, just because. She had mentioned to me a while ago that she wanted some wooden crochet hooks. So I joined a crochet forum and talked to a few old ladies, asking what I should get, since I knew nothing about crocheting. They gave me some ideas and I ended up contacting Bill at Turn-Of-The-Century. He worked with me and custom made 3 different hooks.

I used PayPal to pay him. Now, I know Lori manages our bank account like a hawk, so I had to be sneaky. Luckily Turn-Of-The-Century sounds like it could be old motorcycle or car parts. But when I PayPal'd him, I forgot that the PayPal is under Lori's name, so he emailed her asking what the order was! Luckily he didn't mention anything incriminating and my plan was still secret. I just told Lori it was for some motorcycle parts I "needed."

Yesterday they came in the mail. I found an old wine box and bought some yarn. She was surprised and happy! :)

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