Thursday, August 13, 2009


I thought I was getting better. I ate 2 meals yesterday, went to work, and was feeling good (better). Then last night I woke up to some churning stomach. I went to the couch and just sat there feeling ill while my guts churned and churned. I'm talking loud guts. Making sounds inside my belly like a pot of brewing coffee. I sat there nauseaus, Luka whining to be let out, and feeling like death. Then bam. It hit me and off I went to the head. So I'm home again today.

Sunday my weight was 184, I hadn't been able to get under 180 even with all my running. Well I found the answer. It's called gastroenteritis. Today my weight is 174. I should sell this to Hollywood. And I may only be halfway through recovery as it can take 10 days for a bacteria based bug to get through my system. All I can eat right now is crackers and water. All for a hamburger.

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