Friday, August 14, 2009

Back Yard Beach Party

Our back yard became a dust bowl. When we moved in it had grass, then the dogs sort of killed everything. So I put mulch down and that's how it stayed for a while. I got sick of it. I sectioned off a big chunk and replanted grass. 3 weeks later we had a lush, full, green yard. We enjoyed it last weekend with a bbq, some drinks, and some sun worshipping. And I ate a contaminated burger.

But the biggest news was after we were done, lori ran into a cactus... with her head. From her own words:

"It was a beautiful day. I was basking in the sun’s rays, imagining our neighbor’s house was a tropical beach and enjoying a bloody mary. After an afternoon of relaxing and no refuge of a sparkling pool, Jason and I got the great idea to spray each other with the hose and run around like children.

Well, Jason got the first shot at me. He began to spray and it was cold but it felt good. I ran towards the other side of the yard. Ok, that was fun. My turn. But, then he just continues to spray. And spray. And now the water pressure is increasing and the water temperature is decreasing. I fling my hand over my face, and run.

Straight. Into. A cactus.

Jason spent the next 2 hours tweezing cacti needles from my head.

The end."

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