Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rigid Numero Uno

I got 2 extended front ends in the pile, one with extended tubes, the other with extended lowers. I thought the lowers might be a cool trick park, but upon inspection, they were total redneck style. The lower bolt was welded shut, and the internals welded to the bottom. There was no room to ever be able to remove the forks tubes, so out came the grinder. I don't know a lot about fork tube differences, but I just happen to have a nice set that were exactly the same length as stock, so I used those. I took the two front ends and managed to make one good set.

Now a I have a roller. I know I want to run double 19"s and the pull back yokes. Finding the right bars is the problem, but I know the Stelling Hellings T3 bars look great. SO now the hunt begins for a set of those and some ram horn pipes, or similar repros.

Walt Fulton's 1951 Thunderbird

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