Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hill Holder

I've been helping Kjell with his '56 T110 project here and there, guiding him with parts. He wanted a small front hub (talked him out of a spool) so we got him a Tiger Cub, 1956 specifically. If we were mounting this on a later style clamp fork, it would be a breeze, it's almost direct mount. But adding it to a pre-unit set of forks is proving more challenging as the pre-unit axle is a slide-out type, pinch bolt and nut. The other problem is the Cub hub uses 2 different sized bearings with different inner dims.

This is my leading idea. Flip the forks so that the open-pinchbolt end is on the right side. Weld the drain plugs shut, cuz no one uses those anyway. New stepped axle to fit the different bearing inner dims. Brake plate rests against right fork. Inner bearing spacer sleeve spacer. Left side spacer, and a nut to hold it against the left fork. That should allow the axle to slide out the right side.

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