Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Christmas in August

Great day for parts yesterday. After a 4 year search, I finally picked up a pre-unit T100 gas tank. I wanted a smaller tank for my '55 Tbird project. It's not that I haven't seen any for sale, I just haven't seen any that didn't get bid up beyond reason. This one I picked up real cheap, patience paid off. Not only that, this is a 1 year only 1956. Same shape as the '57-'59 tanks, but the striped band and badges fit on it. I just happened to have the T100 badges, band, and front tank mount that came with my 6T tank.

In addition, I also received my ironhead and bits from Meriden Speed Shop. I'm picking up a unit crank and rods. That should complete all the major bits I need, except perhaps a magneto. As soon as I finish my '62, it's right on to the '55 project.

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