Friday, March 20, 2015

Moving Pan

I posted a video of the Pan running, but it's time I posted a video of another momentous occasion, rolling down the street. This thing runs really good. Once again I ask myself why Ted pushed this aside and just hoarded all those XS650s. It runs so smooth. Eventually I'll be tearing down the whole bike and doing a nice mild custom job on it.

I also stumbled upon another bit of good luck and was given a Linkert M74b carb to replace the crappy Zenith. I probably won't get around to installing it and spending anymore money until I get a lot of other projects completed. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed again. The '62 Trump needs rebuilt, the Beezer needs attention, the '55 Tbird needs everything... it's just a lot to accomplish without devoting a work week to doing it, not to mention doing it without income. But the XS650 and CB750 run well!

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