Tuesday, March 17, 2015

He Be Three... Three? How can that be?

Another long hiatus. I felt it fitting to post with the best thing in the world, Max turned 3. We had a swell robot-themed shindig at our place. In preparation I grinded on getting a sand box built, did some hardcore landscaping and cleaning up, built him a life-size robot named Yo Bot, Lori made a shiny robot cup cake stand, and I cooked flank steak skewers and chocolate covered bacon which Lori made lemonade from our tree. Lori's mom and Patrick were here from Arizona and my mom and dad were on Skype watching the whole thing. It was a really great time to see Max have so much fun with the kids, the bullet proof pinata, toddlers fiending on chocolate covered bacon. It was great. Little dude is 3. Wow.


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